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Welcome to Cway, the super simple packaging design management software, enabling you to manage all your artwork in one place.


Cway is your online desktop with all the apps and expertise you need to plan, proof, manage, store and share your packaging artwork in smooth, ever so transparent collaboration with your team.

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How can it be so simple?

Here’s how: we’ve assumed that you’re not very eager to learn new, complicated systems day in and day out. So we developed a desktop that’s as similar to the one you’re used to as humanly possible. You’ve got your apps, your windows, dropdown menus, right click menus etc etc.

You're welcome.



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A desktop with apps for asset management, project management and sharing...
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...and a state of the art (super fast) annotation viewer where you review and approve artwork

Handy, remarkably timesaving perks:


Drag & drop

You can drag & drop stuff into Cway and between apps! Even people! No more endless clicking and hello to all the time you save


The shortcut

Everyone's in a hurry. The "Shortcut" window contains links that take you directly to all your current tasks


The fast lane

Automated email notifications notify you of things you need to do and contain direct links to the file and project

 Get to know the apps 

MEDIA CENTER for structuring and planning

Media Center is the asset management place where all your artwork is transferred when it’s created and approved. Meaning it’s a center with guaranteed up-to-date files that you simply drag & drop to share or start a new project.

Media Center replaces you as the go-to-guy for people that need artwork files. You can also plan future projects together with your colleagues and suppliers by creating shared planning folders and notes.

MC explained-1

Some great features:


Flexible folder structure

Work as you're used to and be flexible with your structuring. Create fixed and temp folders and share them with colleagues, agency etc


Notes on artworks

Don't loose those great ideas between projects. Write them down on the artwork, place markers and voilá - you've created a brief for  the next update project


Share your files

The sharing window is much like a personal shopper bag. Drag & drop files until you have a nice collection and then share it with anyone.

PROJECTS for new design & artwork creation and updates


A truly great artwork project tool is designed to:

 quickly provide you with project control
be flexible enough so that it supports your company’s own artwork management process
handle as much as possible of the repetitive tasks automatically
be an outstanding platform for collaboration, enabling teams to create wonders together


Introducing Projects, the app that covers all of the above, and also seamless integration with other apps in Cway. Start a project within a minute, drag & drop files & people and share an artwork with annotations with the agency as a brief. Lean back and wait for Cway to signal your next action.

Project explained

Some great features:


Signal system

Know exactly what you need to do right now. Just do the stuff marked with a red ball and use the saved time on other stuff that need your attention


IRL tasks

Keep track of not only artwork tasks in Cway, but also IRL. Add "color proofing", "send color target" or other tasks and click when it's done


All in one place

Projects contains it all - files, people, info, activites, minutes, discussions, decisions etc. And it´s all saved for future reference

Quickshare - because sharing is caring


Do you use an online sharing service that starts with “W” and ends with “…nsfer” or similar? It’s good but Quickshare is better. It has all the benefits of the abovementioned service, but you can share files directly in Cway from both Media Center, Project and even your own desktop in one go without ever downloading anything. Just drag & drop them into a popup and send them off.

 Albeit simple, we consider Quickshare to be a vital piece of the Cway-handles-it-all experience. What a great bonus to never be forced to leave Cway, even to share files from all over the place :D

Some great features:


Signal system

It's super easy to see what's there to download. Red ball - download. Green ball - already done


Share from everywhere

A truly flexible shopping bag. Drag & drop files from anywhere - Cway, your own desktop etc - and share it


View odd formats

Upload the file that isn’t possible for you to open to Quickshare and have a look. Cway supports most media formats

 Get to know the viewer 

The VIEWER for review and annotations

Welcome to the state-of-the-art, fully scalabe annotation viewer where you review, annotate and approve artwork. Only those who can compare to  a standard viewer today can truly appreciate the significant difference in speed and functionality.

Here's where the true collaboration takes place - simultaneously, without any time delaying workflows standing in your way to do your job.  You'll find everything here - the file, the tools, the people and the previous and current annotations. If you haven't decided on the best way forward - start a discussion. Otherwise review, annotate and click "reject" or "approve". Done.

Some great features:


Review online - together

Collaborate in the viewer simultaneously. All communication is documented and transparent. You can also discuss unresolved issues.


Comparison tool

Compare file versions of artwork digitally to see what's been changed. And no less important: what remains unchanged...


Annotation tools

Choose from several annotation shapes when you highlight your feedback, some even with measurements. 

Numbers are fun!


Files in Cway


Users in Cway


Shared files


Days of experience


Don't forget that you don't need to do this yourself!

Yep. The competent, fast and ever so helpful team is just an email or a phonecall away.

Wow, you made it all the way down here. Well done!

It may seem like a lot to take in, but in reality it's super simple. You'll see once you're there, and if you're not convinced, there's a library with ridiculously short tutorial videos on Youtube to prove it.