Artwork management without all the management, hassle, emailing

Change your (work)life!


The  super simple  online packaging artwork management software that enables you to create artwork that make your brand shine before your consumers

Powered by you, or why not a whole bunch of experienced  artwork management and graphics experts 

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Are you wasting your time?


According to business research (and also based on stories from our customers about their past), you're probably waisting valuable time doing artwork management stuff the wrong way and would like to stop that.


 Here's the scenario: 

where's that important email

You email files and feedback back and forth between you, colleagues and agency... and the spam basket

The project info mess

Project info is scattered all over the place and you spend time keeping it together and sharing it

The ever so final versions

Files get lost in huge piles of "", "...finalfinal", "...final_promise" and so on in eternity

trusting your eyes

You try your best to detect changes in artwork versions by comparing PDFs with your eyes only

that massive excel list

Your project overview is an excel list, and progress constantly needs to be filled in by hand

Head full of todo's

ToDo's are saved either in your head, or on scattered Post-its, or in various wordfiles in various places

We bet your company would benefit from you being able to focus on the important stuff for which you chose that valuable higher education you got, such as  growing your brand . And we bet it's your dream too.

In order to do that, you and your team need to refocus from handling complicated, time-consuming and ever repetitive tasks inefficiently. Or even at all.

Cway makes it extremely easy to plan, proof, manage, store and share your packaging artwork at any time. Your team can work efficiently and deliver right-first-time files on time, every time. And naturally we don't want you to waste even more time on learning a new, complicated system. So we made it super easy. You'll learn it in minutes.

It's never been more effortless to work with packaging design!


Make Cway your  central Digital Asset Management (DAM) hub on steroids  for all packaging design and more in your organisation. The go-to-place for everyone working with your brand: you, your colleagues, your design agencies, your graphic suppliers, your printers, markets, media - everyone.


Easy to create and update

Super simple and intuitive interface that you and your team will fall in love with


Access your assets anywhere

Your artwork is always up to date and easily accessible for trusted peeps without you as middleman


Get an overview and plan ahead

Keep full control of your artwork through structured overviews, and plan for strategies ahead

Intuitive & easy to learn

Cway is designed to be easy to learn. Just have a look at the short Youtube videos in the Cway channel and you’re good to go in minutes. Furthermore, it’s what you’re used to. Work on a desktop – in the browser. Open multiple windows, drag & drop, compare stuff – do it the way you normally do.


All stuff in one place

Imagine the time save when you can manage all your packaging artwork and their total lifecycle in one single place. Everything is up to date and can simply be moved between stages. project & proofing back to storage, to a new project and so on.


Connects the team

Collaboration fuels great brands! The more eyes on artwork in development, the less mistakes and overall effort for everyone. Collaborate simultaneously and transparently with any number of colleagues without any middlemen shuffling files and emails back and forth.


This is how Cway changes (work)lives:

(We asked the experts, aka the users)

Melanie <3


at essity
Cway is very user friendly compared to other tools I've used. It allows us to speed up the internal approval process for the artwork.
Favorite feature(s):

Easy to put a comment on an artwork

Measure stuff

Elisabeth <3


AT orkla
Cway is extremely user friendly and easy to learn. My proofing rounds worked smooth and easy from the very beginning. 

Simple to compare versions

Everyone proofs together

Greta <3


AT arla foods
Other systems proved to be too complex. We appreciate Cway for its simplicity - you're practically good to go as soon as you've logged in.

Great control

Everything (Thanks Greta)

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